19 February 2017

Make America Sane Again: 4th Estate, it starts with you

Laugh or cry? I won't go over all of the greatest hits in Heather Wilhelm's The Media's 'Me Party' over at NR, but her citation of Thomas Friedman saying on MSNBC that the Russian hacking was a 9/11 scale event, and even a Pearl Harbor scale event.


That's hyperbolic AM talk radio level hyperbole, there. I'm not going to google it. I'm sure she's not going to (horribly) misquote Friedman, and it sounds like it's pretty hard to take it out of context, so I'm going to refrain from my instinct of fact checking in this instance and trust Ms Wilhelm, because I think I might spontaneously combust if I watched it. If he would just come out and say "I'm, you know, like the Milo Yiannopoulos of the Davoise", I'd feel so much better.

Even with the understanding that the Russians were up in our business -- quite frankly I would find it improbably that weren't -- I haven't heard of anything that's radically foundation shaking or fundamentally changes the dynamic between the nations. Fake news, turns out, is a pretty good propaganda technique. I only hope it doesn't blow up our enormously effective real news propaganda.


And about the hacking. Yes, it's terrible. But, cracking a weakly-secured server and leaking out what should have probably been leaked by a reputable staffer hardly equals destroying a fleet in harbor and drawing a nation into a world war. I don't know if the Dems are ever going to figure out what ails them. Blaming the Russians ain't gonna do it.

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