15 February 2017

Deep State does not require conspiracy

David Graham of The Atlantic has written a piece about the Deep State generically, but also how it's operating here. Now here's the thing. Deep State does not require conspiracy. Sure, you can do conspiratorial Deep State, I suppose. But all it really requires is bureaucracy. Throw in some partisanship and wanting to keep your GS ratings and benefits, and poof! Deep State! No conspiracy, no malice aforethought, no Evil Genius required.

Think about it this way. If "the mission" is good, then the "bureaucracy" is good, and everything should be done to grow the bureaucracy because that will better support the mission. However, at some point, the acquisition of resources to support the mission comes into competition with the mission itself. How much time do Representatives represent versus how much time they raise money to get reelected so that they may represent? I don't know the breakdown, I know that I have heard Representatives and Senators alike complain about how much time and energy they and the bureaucracies under them have to spend on fund raising.

Maybe the founding fathers were onto something with this limited government thing.

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