15 February 2017

Leaks! (And whatever's coming next) It's a conspiracy!

No, it's not. The nine current and former officials who leaked, or perhaps in light of what's happened, made anonymous allegations gussied up as a leak are much more likely just an indication of widespread fear and loathing. If you're going to have a conspiracy, especially in the IC, it has to be small, because the rank and file are myriad, and for the most part (more than you find in most other places, in my experience) remarkably talented and patriots in the best sense. Sure, they have partisan opinions, but that's not something that they don't let affect their work and focus on the mission (though they should probably start turning of the TVs in the halls, LOL). It's as you start climbing up the rungs toward the Director's office that you start to see politics. The nicer the suit, the more the askance the covert looks.

If you're at a family reunion and an interloper comes in a makes a disparaging remark about the clan, no one will wait for a deliberation to respond. There may be some little collaboration here and there, but there is no conspiracy.

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