15 February 2017

Flynn resigns part deux: when you're partly wrong, you're partly wrong

Now, I don't mind being wrong. When you're trained in the hard sciences, you recognize that being wrong is inevitable, but good if you learn that you are and the thing that is right. Now, the other thing is that you're more really rightish, which is right minus wrongish. The Earth is round, but a special kind of round where the circumference is greater than a loop through a meridian. A day last's 24 hours. Yes, but not exactly. And things like that are always changing.

So, in light of that, I'm going to do to things, based on what I heard on NPR today (I should find a link for that), officials in the IC have confirmed that they've been keeping an eye on Trump's associates' contacts with sundry Russian folk, including Flynn, and so far they haven't turned up anything untoward. This supports what the FBI said back in January, and re-reading my original prediction, what's happened a bizarro world melange of the two alternatives: Flynn resigned over nothing illegal, but because the administration couldn't figure out how to deal with the trolling of some folks in the IC, the press, and possibly the White House staff itself and others in the Administration. So, not wrong, but wrongish. I'll jump on the grade inflation bandwagon and give myself a B+. Not a good sign for the Administration to take something that should have been easily dealt with (declassify transcripts, release them and come up with a single, official position and circulate to all, and finally, and most importantly, don't lie to Pence or hang him out to dry) we're not even a month in. That's making my real first prediction look better and better, for whatever that's worth.

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