19 January 2017

General Mattis versus PowerPoint (we hope!)

Given that PowerPoint is an unstoppable force for evil in the world, I suspect what is going to win, but I appreciate General Mattis' perspective of "PowerPoint makes us stupid", according to the indispensable Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry in his piece in The Week titled General Mattis, save the U.S. military. Ban PowerPoint. I love the bit about Amazon having banned it, requiring instead memos -- yep, multi-page, detailed memos called "narratives" -- that discuss what it is you have to say. Required reading! I used to write long, detailed memos, but it seems everyone's brain has been PowerPointed to the point of a bullet point or two max. Also like the OODA loop reference... I wonder if Amazon needs an old Franciscan Friar to mix things up, call 'em like he sees 'em in concise, detailed, reasoned written narratives?

18 January 2017

Mike Pence will be 46 before 2020

Prediction: DJT aka 45 will not finish his term of office. If you have a different prediction, write it down. I don't know why or how it will happen. I suspect resignation, but the future is notoriously hard to know with any precision. Bill Occam knows nothing.

06 January 2017

First post!

I can't remember the last time I read Slashdot. It was probably in the pre-meme days when the meme was a Beowulf cluster of this or that. Does the "first post" meme still hold sway? I don't know. Bill Occam knows nothing.