29 May 2017

Who's that you say?

Who is that scary looking cackling nut-job? I don't know, but it's apparently running for office.

Republicans who can't avoid stepping in the dog shit are still beating Dems, body slams of journalists notwithstanding. I have never seen a group of people more devoid of curiosity and and more resistant to learning than the Dems at the national level. What the fuck happened to Howard Dean? Is there some sort of "loser borg" that you get assimilated into, lose your mind, soul, and any shred of good sense and decency? One where your arguments get reduced to "nuh uh"? Gravity. Nuh uh. Momentum. Nuh uh. Take one add one get two. Nuh uh. Keep running election campaigns the way you do, and you may lose some more seats. Nuh uh. OK. Right. Good luck with that.

Oh right. Intersectionality. Forgot about that.

The Dems have a tactical advantage on their side in that they can give away other people's money as a matter of principle. Republicans have to lie about their willingness to do so. I don't know if Democratic delusion is worse than Republican hypocrisy. It's all part of the same shit show. But, ultimately, people will take the cash, and both sides are willing to sling it.

The race in the 6th here in Georgia will be telling. The Dems are running John Ossoff, who looks like Emmanuel Macron and Jared Kushner's love chile against Karen Handel, who looks like Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton's love chile. And Handel is going to win. Fucking Dems can't shoot fish in barrels with shotguns aimed for them by DEVGRU. And they have no curiosity, not a scratch, to ask why. Oh, I never thought to look both ways before crossing a street, only dumber.

What might be of pants-shitting terror to Democrats, if they can conjure a moment of self-awareness, is Donald Trump in his clown car way has actually introduced a spectrum of people of compatible, conservative values to one another, even if he has nothing to do with it directly. If the women who attend the Baptist churches meet the women who attend the Catholic churches meet the women who attend the Presbyterian churches and find common cause is that going to be more sex, drugs, and rock and roll or more sit down together as a family for supper? The world would be a different place if women became self-aware and found common cause. And lest you think I'm a sexist jackass, a jackass I may be, but I have no problem in thinking that women with their unique perspectives as the actual whelper of children and moms and grandmoms and great-grandmoms might have something unique and positive to contribute. Let them have a crack. I am willing to bet if you killed every man in the Venezuelan government and replaced him with a Venezuelan woman, Venezuela would be a better place tomorrow. Saudi Arabia? Um. Yeah. But...

Hillary in 2020! That's the answer? New slogan: "I owe her!"

Maybe President Pence and our drooling poltroons we call Congress will address tax reform, but I somehow doubt it.


Every member of Congress should be required to carry a gun. Preferably a model 1911 Colt 45 loaded and cocked, and swill at least a pint of Mount Gay rum or some equivalent before deliberating. If any bill exceeds a hundred words, they should yell "shoot the jackass" and fire at least three rounds at someone they don't like. Two things would happen. More people would watch CSPAN and fewer bills would be comprised of more than one hundred words. Like losing weight, the principles are not hard. Eat less. Exercise more. Legislate less. Shoot jackasses more. It's hard to pull off in practice, alas.

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