21 April 2017

Is that a fact?

The March for Science is bogus.

I say this as a scientist.

Science does not take sides.

Science does not reveal truths.

Though, it can reveal untruths.

If you think you know something is true, you're probably wrong.

What time did you wake up this morning?


What timekeeping system are you referencing?

Is it accurate?

... and how precise?

So, you know within bounds, according to one reference system, what time you got up.

Science is that, but much, much more difficult and demanding.

Facts are simpler, but people extrapolate what facts are to truth.

Fact: sun "rises" in the East.

Based on our language and orientation, etc., yes, this is a fact, and we can predict this will continue to be the case for a few billion years. Maybe several. Not worth arguing too much about.

True and truth sound too much alike.

True, but not truth.

For what it's worth...

Is it "true" that Buffalo Springfield's was better?

Which one?

Is that the truth?

Can you prove that, empirically?

Does mob rule, really rule?

Is that our measure?

Can you tell which version I like best?

Do I like any of them at all?


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